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Books for Cello Students

All of the books which I recommend are available to buy on Amazon, so I attach links from there, to make purchasing them easier.

For Beginners

I will usually start my students with Cello Time Joggers or Suzuki Cello School Book 1. This decision depends on the age, musical background etc of each student.

In addition, I require that all my students are spending time each week on Sight Reading, for which I use Improve your Sightreading by Paul Harris, and music theory.

Depending on the age of the student, I will assign them different theory books.

The youngest (roughly 3-6) will be assigned Lina Ng's Music Theory for Little Children book 1, after which they will move on to Book Two. Those aged between 6 and 10 use Music Theory made Easy, which has three volumes (Book 1Book 2 and Book 3) and for those who are a little older, Music Theory for Young Musicians.

As you move on

For more advanced players, repertoire becomes more flexible, as we will decide together what music is best for the individual at that time.


However, at one point or another, all students will need to work on getting to know all of the positions on the cello, for which they require Position Pieces for Cello by Rick Mooney, followed, unsurprisingly, by Position Pieces for Cello, Book 2!

A selection of most frequently used books
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