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To start with...

When you start playing the cello you will need a few things, which you can get hold of from a local music shop or from the internet. I tend to use or

1. Rosin

2. A Duster to wipe rosin dust from the strings

3. Spare Strings  (for more advanced players)

4. 2B Pencil with eraser

5. Spike Holder

Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Cellos are usually very old, and have survived mainly because their owners took great care of their instruments.

  • Make sure to keep your cello out of direct sunlight and avoid sudden changes in temperature. If you bring your cello in from the cold, try to wait at least 15 minutes before opening the case to allow the cello to adjust to its surroundings gradually.

  • Wipe rosin dust from your cello, both from the strings and the wood with a duster before putting it away.

  • Periodically check that the bridge is perpendicular to the body. If it isn't, ask your teacher or a qualified music repairman to reposition it.

  • Listen for any unusual buzzing, as this may indicate splits, cracks or other damage, which need to be treated immediately. Most adjustments and repairs should only be done by a trained luthier.

Bow Care
  • Don’t over rosin the bow, as you will end up with a grainy sound and a lot of dust.

  • Don’t over-tighten the bow as this will put a strain on both the stick and the hair.

  • Take special care not to hit the tip of the bow as this is particularly fragile and prone to damage. Be sure to loosen the bow before returning it to the case.

  • If resting the cello for short periods, place it on its side with the spike retracted, never on its back or resting against a wall or chair.

  • To make practicing easier, you can buy cello stands, which mean that the cello is always easily accessible.

  • Store the cello in a ventilated, humidity controlled environment.

  • Never leave your instrument in a parked car.

  • If you are travelling by air, contact the airline in advance to arrange to bring the cello on board. Be aware that you may need to purchase an extra seat.

  • Unless you have a flight case, never check a cello into the hold. 

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