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This is a single page sheet which is aimed to give the young cellist all of the most important pieces of musical information in one place.

A Position Chart to help with "Cello Geography"

This is a downloadable sheet.

Filling this in every day will help keep track of your practicing and allow me to see if you're doing enough.

It will also help you to remember what you are supposed to be practicing!


I have filled in a week's worth as a demonstration.

Cello Positions by Note Name

Fingering Patterns for all Major and Minor Scales and Arpeggios

All scales in two octaves arranged in order of the circle of fifths.


A Scale Practice Chart, including Grades 1-3, with scales assigned to days for daily practice.

Sight Reading

A Sight Reading checklist which should help with that very important skill

Fingering Charts for Sightreading

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