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Affiliated Ensembles

A proud third generation professional musician, Dan was given a cello at the age of 5, and has been playing ever since.


Dan studied at the String training programme at the Junior Guildhall, the Kent Music Academy and St Olaves Grammar School up to the age of 18, after which he studied at the University of Leeds, Trinity College of Music and Southern Methodist University, in Dallas, Texas.


As a performer, Dan has become known as a musical theatre specialist, with over 10 years as a deputy in the London production of The Phantom of the Opera, as well as Matilda and the Lion King, amongst others.

He is also a regular performer with many of the countries’ best known freelance orchestras, including the Chameleon Arts Orchestra and the New London Sinfonia, as well as regional orchestras, the Kent Sinfonia and Bath Philharmonia.

He has also worked extensively with the Orchestra of the English National Ballet, including their production of Swan Lake in the round at the Royal Albert Hall, and was for several years, the principal cellist of the Orchestra of Situation Opera.

Dan is also a member of various chamber ensembles, the Stretto Ensembles, Darwin Piano Trio, Two Cellos, the Kidbrooke Ensemble and the Hornbeam Ensemble, performing for a mixture of recitals and functions.

In addition to his work as a performer, Dan teaches at several schools, including The Granville School, the Langley Park School for Boys, Walthamstow Hall School and Sevenoaks School, and also runs an extensive private teaching studio.

In his spare time, Dan is an avid supporter of the Dallas Cowboys NFL team, and enjoys cultivating his allotment with his wife, Eleanor.

Dan plays on a fine Viennese Cello made c. 1750.

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